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Making real and lasting connections to support you on your PATH is the topic of episode 3 in the BCB series. Jenny and Toni talk through connecting to your WHY, positive and negative connections that you have established in your life and the importance of connecting to yourself.

Toni goes solo as she shares her PATH - The Los Gatos Creek Trail, which lies in the heart of Silicon Valley. Toni and her clan have spent a good part of  their lives running, walking, talking and laughing along this trek, amid the hustle and bustle of the tech world. Toni escorts us on one of her runs as she brings the trail alive & gives us a sense of how it has helped shape and develop the PATH she is on today.

Toni chats with Melanie Larsen about her experience presenting at Women's Night Out in Santa Rosa, California. Women's Night Out is a collaboration between Kaiser Permanente and The YMCA and has been thriving for over a decade. During the debrief between Toni and Melanie, they discuss how connection, community and collaboration are what bring these women together year after year to eat, talk and share...

Toni travels to NYC for her much needed Broadway fix and spends some time with a dear friend, Martin Navarrette. Martin shares a lovely tale about finding the right balance for his health and well-being and how connection, community, creativity and collaboration helped him forge this new PATH...

We took a “road trip” a couple blocks over from Toni’s home in Campbell, CA to visit Steve Smith, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Steve owns The Enlightened Mind, a mental health therapy practice. This episode is super-timely as our nation is hunkering down in their homes to help limit the spread of Covid-19. One of Steve’s areas of expertise is resolving stress, anxiety &/or depression and listening to what he has to say could help many of us during this trying time. The overall theme of our time together was of course… connection...


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Our Very First PATH Road Trip

Road Trip... Destination, Colorado!

Road Trip... Destination, Vermont!

Road Trip... Destination, Oregon!

Our Second Book Browse - Half The Sugar, All The Love!

To celebrate the start of the new year, we are browsing another book! This time it is a brand new cookbook, hot off the press! Half The Sugar, All the Love is a collaboration between Jennifer Tyler Lee and Anisha Patel, MD that launched this month and is already the #1 seller in cooking with kids! Toni and Jenny sat down with Jennifer, who is an award winning author to talk about her new book. They discussed cutting down on sugar (not ELIMINATING it!), how to sweeten foods with plants and modeling healthy behaviors for our kids. It was a fun conversation that went by quick! This is a great resource full of delicious recipes to help you and your family cut down on sugar. And it's not just desserts - you will find recipes for every meal of the day with helpful strategies, tips and tricks! You can find a copy at your local bookstore or online. For more information about the book or to check out Jennifer's work:

Road Trip... Destination Denver, CO - Breaking down the Mediterranean diet

Toni and Jenny head to Denver, CO and take a side trip to the Mediterranean on today’s episode… Whaaaaaat??? Seriously, we talk all things Mediterranean diet and plant-based nutrition with Cole Adam, Registered Dietitian and the brains behind the Instagram account eat.wild.greens. Cole talks Toni and Jenny through the fascinating history of the research behind the Mediterranean diet and what that means in terms of evidence-based recommendations for today. Cole also has a cookbook he co-authored titled The Whole Health Cookbook and he describes some of his favorite recipes from the book while breaking down the research behind them into understandable and delicious-sounding bites. Lots of yumminess and sound nutrition advice in this episode, so ride along with us on our PATH!

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