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Jenny & Toni

We're so glad our paths have crossed!

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The Podcast

The Podcast


First, can we just say, we are so glad you’re here!


As you join us on each PATH road trip, you will learn about real-time happenings in the health community. Each episode will leave you with fun and applicable insights for your own health journey. We like to think of PATH as an effortless addition to the roadmap of your best life!


So what do meatless meatloaf and this podcast have in common (meatloaf, huh? Yes, meatloaf!) Toni’s mother’s meatless meatloaf recipe was not only the catalyst for this podcast’s fruition but also serves as the perfect metaphor: nutritious, customizable, simple, accessible, and—most importantly—fun. That’s exactly what you’ll find with the PATHpod. Food for thought, tailored-to-you approaches, and exciting ways to learn about health. It couldn't be any easier: just put on some headphones, tune in, and enjoy. Join us for the journey and thank you for riding along!

Meet Toni

Meet Toni


Toni Toledo is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist who has a Masters in Public Health Nutrition and has been working the field of nutrition and health promotion for over 25 years. She is driven by her passion and commitment to help people live their healthiest life and thrive. One of the basic tenets of Toni’s work is the belief that we can all create our own formula that is built on habits and routines that allow us to feel our best. She believes that the investment of time and practice into developing those routines and habits is time well spent. This does not have to be painful or grueling; in fact, keeping it positive is very important to her. She believes that we can make this journey enjoyable as we create this lifestyle. She thinks this is possible especially if you are doing it in a way that focuses on what works. Much of this depends on her clients acquiring knowledge and building confidence. Her personal experience with health and weight management impact her work in many ways. When Toni is not working, you can usually find her traveling, goofing off with her friends and family, or jogging along her favorite trail in her hometown in California. 

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Meet Jenny


Jenny Pitcher is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Registered Yoga Teacher who has spent her career helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle through eating better, moving more and dealing with stress in positive ways. Jenny has a passion for helping people explore what is important to them and works with her patients to develop a plan that allows their personal vision of health to come to fruition. When Jenny is not busy with all things nutrition, she loves spending time with her family, cooking, teaching and practicing yoga, music and reading.

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Meet Jenny

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