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Behavior Change Basics (BCB) 

A series where we explore the myriad topics that are critical to enabling health behavior change and preserving it long term.

Behavior Change Basics (BCB) Series

Behavior Change Basics (BCB) Series 1 - Barriers

Mar 10, 2019

This is the first episode in a series of many where we explore the myriad topics that are critical to enabling health behavior change and preserving it long term.

Behavior Change Basics (BCB) Series - Motivation

Mar 25, 2019

Creating and maintaining motivation is the topic of the next episode in a series of many where we explore the myriad topics that are critical to enabling health behavior change and preserving it long term.

Behavior Change Basics (BCB) Series 3 - Connection

April 28, 2019

Making real and lasting connections to support you on your PATH is the topic of episode 3 in the BCB series. Jenny and Toni talk through connecting to your WHY, positive and negative connections that you have established in your life and the importance of connecting to yourself.

BCB Series 4 - Stages of Change

Sept 4, 2019

This BCB episode takes a deep dive into the Stages of Change, which is the scaffold of building and sustaining any kind of healthy lifestyle behavior. Jenny and Toni unpack the 6 stages and take a close look at each one, giving listeners a sense of where they might be on their own PATH. Listeners, this one is powerful. A game-changer for sure!

BCB Series 5 - Challenging Assumptions

Mar 1, 2020

Toni and Jenny tackle Challenging Assumptions in this new BCB episode. It is one of the biggest roadblocks between what we want to achieve and our actual success. It drives our self-talk and shapes our beliefs. But, most of us are not aware enough to stop and question ourselves. This is an eye-opening conversation for sure! Toni and Jenny even share some personal assumptions that they have made and how challenging those assumptions have created a completely different and more positive outcome for them both. This is the first time that Toni and Jenny request audience participation by asking listeners to send their own assumptions that they have either challenged or plan to challenge and they will feature these in a part two episode! DM us on Insta @thepathpod or send us an email. We would love to hear from you!

BCB Series 6 - Completing the Stress Cycle while we SIP

April 22, 2020

Registered Dietitian and Public Health Professional Elizabeth Aong joins Toni and Jenny to continue the Shelter In Place (SIP) series. As the weeks now turn into months, we are all really feeling the ramifications of isolation. Elizabeth offers guidance on how to tackle the resulting stress and anxiety based on work from Emily Nagoski in Burnout and Kelly McGonigal in The Upside of Stress. Elizabeth explains how completing the stress cycle and “clearing out” the stress hormones that build up in the body as a result of prolonged strain can help us feel better, emotionally, mentally and physically. This is a great listen for ALL OF US as we continue to navigate our new pandemic world. You probably have some extra time so hop on board and ride along with us on PATH!

(BCB) Series 7 - Sticking To Goals

Aug 11, 2020

This is a Part 2, continuing the conversation around goals from our August 4th episode with Shannon Ginther. Toni and Jenny break down the ins and outs of sticking to the goals you have set and how working from a hope mindset is a crucial component. The bulk of the conversation is based on a Zen Habits article, Sticking To Goals When Life Disrupts ‘Em. The full article can be found here. They also talk about the importance of connecting to your emotions and how this can help all of us be more adept and agile. To dig into this concept deeper, check out Susan David’s work on emotional agility at susandavid.com/new-index. And once again, Toni and Jenny bring up the incredible work of Julie Feldman who was on the podcast May 6 as their road trip to Detroit, Michigan. Give that episode a listen if you have not caught it – it’s a great one. Thanks for riding along with us on PATH Positive Approaches To Health!!


"Tales from..." Series

Tales from The Trail

July 23, 2019

Toni goes solo as she shares her PATH - The Los Gatos Creek Trail, which lies in the heart of Silicon Valley. Toni and her clan have spent a good part of  their lives running, walking, talking and laughing along this trek, amid the hustle and bustle of the tech world. Toni escorts us on one of her runs as she brings the trail alive & gives us a sense of how it has helped shape and develop the PATH she is on today.

Tales from The Trail 2

Oct 6, 2019

Toni takes us with her on another run along the Los Gatos Creek Trail on a day where she does not feel particularly motivated or inspired. By the end of her PATH it is clear that she got so much more out of it than an endorphin high! She felt compelled to share her story... of why it is so worthwhile to stay on our PATH, even though many times it is hard and to remember how our future-selves will Thank us when we do!

Tales From The Studio

Nov 19, 2019

Jenny takes us with her on a trip to her second home - Give Yoga in Columbus, Ohio. This is where Jenny has practiced week after week for most of the last decade. It is where she went through yoga teacher training and considers it a safe haven for weathering tough times. This is a tale of self-compassion and grace as Jenny took a 6 week break from yoga after a bout of back pain coupled with a minor surgery. It is the longest she has ever gone without practicing and she thought that sharing this experience might resonate with others as we all journey on our PATH. You can check out the studio at www.giveyoga.com.

Tales from The Trail 3 - Balance and "Space"

Jun 7, 2020

This little episode really packs a punch, giving us tons to contemplate as we continue to navigate the COVID pandemic. It’s Toni’s third Tale from the Trail and her first in this extremely odd and surprising year of 2020! Toni has a thoughtful conversation with her friend Shelby Edwards, who she met on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. They both talk about what their beloved trail has meant to each of them and how they have been affected by not being able to use it right now. This lovely chat includes talk about gratitude & grace, relationships, the importance of impromptu conversation and being your real self; all of which have come to fruition thanks to The Trail. These two also touch on how they will surely appreciate it in a whole new way when they are able to return. It is a “space” that has created and nurtured friendships like Toni and Shelby’s and will certainly push anyone who listens to realize the importance of a “space” as part of their PATH. And as always, music, laughter and even some great book recommendations will be found in this episode of PATH Positive Approaches To Health. Ride along with us!


"Book Browse" Series


Happy Birthday America! Our 1st "Book Browse"

July 5, 2019

To celebrate our Nation's birth, we are browsing a thoughtful and influential book that everyone should read because we think it will inspire a REVOLUTION! A FOOD REVOLUTION! The Real Food Revolution by Tim Ryan, Congressman from Ohio, is a hopeful message about the current food system and what we can do to make it work better for all of us. Toni and Jenny share their thoughts on the ideas and actions that Congressman Ryan suggests for helping our Nation get its food system and health on the right track. Take a listen... Disclaimer - we had some editing challenges and it's a bit lengthy, but work with us, this is a BIG Topic! Happy 4th of July!

Our 2nd Book Browse - 1/2 The Sugar All The Love!

Jan 8, 2020

To celebrate the start of the new year, we are browsing another book! This time it is a brand new cookbook, hot off the press! Half The Sugar, All the Love is a collaboration between Jennifer Tyler Lee and Anisha Patel, MD that launched this month and is already the #1 seller in cooking with kids! Toni and Jenny sat down with Jennifer, who is an award winning author to talk about her new book. They discussed cutting down on sugar (not ELIMINATING it!), how to sweeten foods with plants and modeling healthy behaviors for our kids. It was a fun conversation that went by quick! This is a great resource full of delicious recipes to help you and your family cut down on sugar. And it's not just desserts - you will find recipes for every meal of the day with helpful strategies, tips and tricks! You can find a copy at your local bookstore or online. For more information about the book or to check out Jennifer's work: 52newfoods.com/half-sugar-cookbook.

"Kitchen Surprise!" Series

The FIRST Kitchen Surprise

June 13, 2019

Toni and Jenny talk all things veggie during this first in a PATH series called Kitchen Surprise! Get a glimpse into how their kitchens work as they have a conversation around food, cooking and making it all work for them, on their PATHs. Along the way, they have some ideas about plant-based diets and what that means... their thoughts may just surprise you!

Road Trip... Destination, Minnesota!

Oct 15, 2019

We went north to Minnesota for this episode that was a road trip mixed with a reunion and a kitchen surprise all in one! We spoke with our former colleague and friend, Sharon Lehrman who is a Registered Dietitian and incredible cook of all things veg! She has been involved with a delicious program called Garden Fresh Culinary, a part of SLP Seeds in St Louis Park. You can check them out at slpseeds.org.

We had a ball listening to Sharon talk about innovative ways to add vegetables to your everyday cooking. She makes it easy and accessible. We promise that you will be inspired to grow a garden and cook more at home after listening to this episode! To get started, take a look at these raised beds Sharon recommends: gardencircledesigns.com

Ride Along with us!

Welcome Annina!

July 26, 2020

We cover a lot of ground in this fun little episode… Toni and Jenny introduce their most recent intern, Annina Bradley and have a conversation with her about what she is up to with her fantastic Instagram account, Nutrition Branched! They introduce PATH’s updated website that Annina has been working on, including new resources and episode links. They even throw in a kitchen surprise as gardens are finally yielding their bounty and there is some conversation around what to do with all that goodness. Take a listen and ride along with us on the PATH Pod!

Nutrition Branched’s Instagram: nutrition_branched

Another Kitchen Surprise – “Food Is Nature's Medicine”

Sept 1, 2020

Toni and Jenny head back to Minnesota to talk with Jenny Breen, a brilliant Chef and Public Health Educator at University of Minnesota. Jenny takes them on a gastronomic PATH “transforming ingredients into meals” as she winds them through the basic elements of cooking and adding flavor to make plants taste delicious. From talking them through making a simple salad dressing to fat & acids and flavor profiles, Jenny makes cooking seem viable and real. She also shares many stories about the way and the how of being in relationship with food, directly tying it to our wellness. At the end of the conversation, you will feel empowered to make vegetables taste amazing and trust the process of cooking them!

You can follow Jenny Breen on IG at jennybroccoli51 or check out her website at www.transformingthetable.com where you will find her blog, recipes & a link to her cookbook. You can learn more about the work Jenny does at the Healthy Foods Healthy Lives Institute at The University of Minnesota here.

Another Kitchen Surprise - "The Spice Girl"

Nov 14, 2020

Toni and Jenny head to Indiana for another Kitchen Surprise! They talk with Katy Maher who has been a dietitian for 10 years and has found her home in the culinary world in the past few years. They talk about all things wellness before jumping into spices and the spice blends that Katy uses at home for food prep ease and adding a ton of flavor. Katy’s love of food and making it flavorful is palpable during this interview and will inspire you to get into the kitchen and start to explore the world of spice! Join us on this fun and up-beat road trip to the mid-west and learn a trick or two from this “spice girl”! You can catch Katy and her culinary nutrition info on Insta at ginandcarrotkitchen or on her website at katymahernutrition.com


Listener Challenges

Our First Listener Challenge: Not Just The Way Things...

Jun 25, 2020

Toni does a special solo episode with the help and support of the entire PATHPod Community - our first-ever listener challenge! Toni dives into listener responses to the question posed on social media… What is your Positive Approach To Health (PATH) during this time of COVID? The responses were incredible and overwhelming! Our community is engaging in so many positive behaviors – from starting gardens to hiking to nightly pot brownies. Hearing the ways in which our listeners are taking care of themselves and putting their health and well-being at the forefront is not only inspiring but motivating as well. So, as you take a listen to this fun little episode, be ready to glean some new ideas for your own self-care! To learn more about some of the great suggestions that came out of the episode:

The Fitness Marshall: youtube.com/user/TheFitnessMarshall

The Bellicon Rebounder: bellicon.com/int_en

Tami Roos: https://tamiroos.com/

The Music: hadestown.com

Road Trip... Destination Minneapolis, MN - Being Brave...

July 17, 2020

Toni and Jenny continue their road trip and head to Minneapolis, Minnesota to talk with eating disorder therapist Lee Wolfe Blum. Lee is the author of Brave Is the New Beautiful, her most recent book and the conversation unpacks many of the challenging and surprising emotions that came to the surface as Toni and Jenny worked through this lovely read. Lee explains the genesis of Brave and how it took finding and continuing to explore her own bravery to write this story of other women’s courage. The three of them mull over the amount of fortitude our current situation is requiring of all of us and how sometimes it can leave us feeling less than resolute but they also provide strategies, tools and insight to help see us through. This episode will definitely lead you stop and think, which is exactly what Toni and Jenny are calling on their listeners to do – send feedback on how this landed for you! You can DM the PATHpod on Insta with your thoughts and they will share with the larger PATH community and of course with Lee!!!

Learn more about Lee Wolfe Blum, her work and her books; Table In The Darkness and Brave Is The New Beautiful at leewolfeblum.com.