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The PATHPod Trailer

Feb12, 2019

PATH is a cross-country road trip navigated by registered dietitians and long-time friends Jenny and Toni. PATH spotlights America’s diverse subcultures—in communities from Berkeley to Birmingham—revealing some surprising and practical roads to healthier living for ourselves and the nation. PATH is our Positive Approach To Health. Ride along with us!

The PATHPod Babysode

Feb 15, 2019

This babysode is a casual conversation between Jenny and Toni immediately following a teleconference with the podcast's graphic designers. They discuss how developing a logo that captured the mission of the podcast AND their essence had been challenging until surprisingly Toni's daughter, Josie, dropped the concept in their laps. There was no turning back from there. Pardon the sound--it is just a phone call but it is worth a listen.

Our Very First PATH Road Trip

Feb 15, 2019

Welcome to our inaugural PATH Episode! The destination of our first virtual road trip is… drum roll please… California! This episode tells the story of a unique recipe with deep family ties that has become a flavorful and nutritious mainstay for one of our podcast hosts. This creative recipe serves as a metaphor for the heart and soul of what PATH is all about. Take a listen, get to know us and walk away with ideas and inspiration for developing your own PATH to better health.

PATH Road Trip... Destination, Ohio!

Feb 26, 2019

…Continuing our road trip from the San Francisco Bay Area all the way to Columbus, Ohio! In our second episode we engage in a powerful conversation with Michelle Moskowitz Brown, the executive director of Local Matters, a non-profit located in the heart of the city. Michelle shares the story of her childhood and how it developed her passion to build healthy communities. During our exchange, we touch on nutrition and food education, food access, local food advocacy and how that work can inspire others to take action in their own communities and lives.

Behavior Change Basics (BCB) Series 1 - Barriers

Mar 10, 2019

This is the first episode in a series of many where we explore the myriad topics that are critical to enabling health behavior change and preserving it long term.

Behavior Change Basics (BCB) Series - Motivation

Mar 25, 2019

Creating and maintaining motivation is the topic of the next episode in a series of many where we explore the myriad topics that are critical to enabling health behavior change and preserving it long term.

Quick Road Trip To... Broadway!?

April 3, 2019

WHAT?  A quick road trip to Broadway? Yes. This short episode was inspired by the fact that one of Toni’s favorite Broadway musicals Kinky Boots is closing after 6 years on the Great White Way. Listening to the Kinky Boots soundtrack on one of her runs got Toni thinking about how many inspiring messages are in this musical and how some of those messages prove helpful to integrating long-term behavior change. That might sound wild but take a listen to this brief podcast and see what you think. You just might be inspired to download the Kinky Boots soundtrack for yourself, who knows?

Quick Road Trip To... Self-Compassion City

April 9, 2019

Prompted by an event at her son's high school, Toni takes another side trip on her own and explores the idea of self-compassion. Anyone who is trying to build and make lasting behavior change will appreciate this short message of kindness and self-acceptance.

Road Trip... Destination, Missouri!

April 15, 2019

We continue on our road trip through the mid-west, stopping in Columbia, Missouri to chat with Dr. Lynn Rossy about mindful eating and how this simple awareness tool has the power to change the way you look at your food, your body and your health.

Behavior Change Basics (BCB) Series 3 - Connection

April 28, 2019

Making real and lasting connections to support you on your PATH is the topic of episode 3 in the BCB series. Jenny and Toni talk through connecting to your WHY, positive and negative connections that you have established in your life and the importance of connecting to yourself.

Road Trip... Destination, Arkansas!

May 14, 2019

What do 80's Hairbands, Hardhats and Ultra Marathon Competitions have in common? Well, you will find out if you head down to Conway, Arkansas with us to talk with Jayme Mayo about her award-winning Worksite Wellness program and the health promotion work she is doing at Nabholz Construction Company.

Road Trip... Destination, Colorado!

May 29, 2019

We are headed to Fort Collins, Colorado to chat it up with Dr. Tiffany Weir, Associate Professor of Food Science & Human Nutrition. Her fun and practical manner helped us understand all things fermented, probiotics, the human microbiome and the role of good bacteria in keeping us healthy and well.

The FIRST Kitchen Surprise

June 13, 2019

Toni and Jenny talk all things veggie during this first in a PATH series called Kitchen Surprise! Get a glimpse into how their kitchens work as they have a conversation around food, cooking and making it all work for them, on their PATHs. Along the way, they have some ideas about plant-based diets and what that means... their thoughts may just surprise you!

Happy Birthday America! Our 1st "Book Browse"

July 5, 2019

To celebrate our Nation's birth, we are browsing a thoughtful and influential book that everyone should read because we think it will inspire a REVOLUTION! A FOOD REVOLUTION! The Real Food Revolution by Tim Ryan, Congressman from Ohio, is a hopeful message about the current food system and what we can do to make it work better for all of us. Toni and Jenny share their thoughts on the ideas and actions that Congressman Ryan suggests for helping our Nation get its food system and health on the right track. Take a listen... Disclaimer - we had some editing challenges and it's a bit lengthy, but work with us, this is a BIG Topic! Happy 4th of July!

Tales from The Trail

July 23, 2019

Toni goes solo as she shares her PATH - The Los Gatos Creek Trail, which lies in the heart of Silicon Valley. Toni and her clan have spent a good part of  their lives running, walking, talking and laughing along this trek, amid the hustle and bustle of the tech world. Toni escorts us on one of her runs as she brings the trail alive & gives us a sense of how it has helped shape and develop the PATH she is on today.

Road Trip... Destination, Idaho - Sorta!

Aug 3, 2019

We had THE BEST conversation with Kyra Palmbush, author of Make Your Mark, a children's book about body image and self acceptance. What is so remarkable about Kyra is that she just graduated from High School at Freestyle Academy in Mountain View, CA and is on her way to play volleyball at the University of Idaho! We chatted with Kyra about how her book came to fruition and her hopes for how it will land with young people. She is an incredibly insightful young lady and this interview gives us hope that we are in good hands with this next generation - It's one you won't want to miss.

A Little More About "Miss J"

Aug 20, 2019

Here at The PATHPod we thought it might be nice for our listeners to get to know us a bit better and provide more context during our conversations. In the course of this short, little spotlight, Toni shines a light on her friend and co-host, Jenny, aka "Miss J". Tune in as Toni shares why she chose to go on this journey with Jenny, on this PATH!

BCB Series 4 - Stages of Change

Sept 4, 2019

This BCB episode takes a deep dive into the Stages of Change, which is the scaffold of building and sustaining any kind of healthy lifestyle behavior. Jenny and Toni unpack the 6 stages and take a close look at each one, giving listeners a sense of where they might be on their own PATH. Listeners, this one is powerful. A game-changer for sure!

Road Trip... Destination, Vermont!

Sept 17, 2019

This super-fun episode is one-part road trip, one-part kitchen surprise as we converse with Jessie Price, editor of Eating Well Magazine. We touch on local food, Vermont goodies and how convenience food can fit into your PATH. We learned all sorts of interesting tidbits including Jessie's must haves for quick, make-at-home meals, her love of reggae music and her sister Katie's blog,

Road Trip... Destination, California!

Oct 1, 2019

Teachers and Educators, listen up!!! We spoke at length with the lovely and talented Gina Koepf in this episode of PATH. Gina is an educator at Village School in Campbell, CA who uses her gift of song along with her creativity in the kitchen to inspire young children to cook, eat more plant-based foods and learn about their world through cooking and making music together in her delightful program, Cooking With Character. This is an episode that will give you HOPE – about how this one dedicated teacher is inspiring a generation of children to be better citizens of our world. Her music can be found on iTunes by searching Regina Koepf Little Echoes and her book can be printed upon request by emailing Gina at Ride along with us!

Tales from The Trail 2

Oct 6, 2019

Toni takes us with her on another run along the Los Gatos Creek Trail on a day where she does not feel particularly motivated or inspired. By the end of her PATH it is clear that she got so much more out of it than an endorphin high! She felt compelled to share her story... of why it is so worthwhile to stay on our PATH, even though many times it is hard and to remember how our future-selves will Thank us when we do!

Road Trip... Destination, Minnesota!

Oct 15, 2019

We went north to Minnesota for this episode that was a road trip mixed with a reunion and a kitchen surprise all in one! We spoke with our former colleague and friend, Sharon Lehrman who is a Registered Dietitian and incredible cook of all things veg! She has been involved with a delicious program called Garden Fresh Culinary, a part of SLP Seeds in St Louis Park. You can check them out at We had a ball listening to Sharon talk about innovative ways to add vegetables to your everyday cooking. She makes it easy and accessible. We promise that you will be inspired to grow a garden and cook more at home after listening to this episode! To get started, take a look at these raised beds Sharon recommends:

A Little More About "Toni T"

Oct 27, 2019

Just as Toni gave a bit of insight into who Jenny is a few weeks ago, Jenny does the same in this episode all about Toni T! From her quirky sense of humor, her brilliance with the word and her huge capacity for love, you will get know and understand Toni a little bit better as you ride along with her on your PATH!

Road Trip... Destination, Oregon!

Nov 11, 2019

In this episode we travel to Bend, Oregon to hear how Elyse Kopecky turned her passion for eating well and cooking into a NYC marathon win for her dear friend, Shalane Flanagan. Now, Elyse and Shalane have written two cookbooks, inspiring other runners and non-runners to cook more, using real, whole foods. They have a meal planner/inspirational journal due out in December as well as a top-secret fourth book due sometime soon! You can check out her work at

Tales From The Studio

Nov 19, 2019

Jenny takes us with her on a trip to her second home - Give Yoga in Columbus, Ohio. This is where Jenny has practiced week after week for most of the last decade. It is where she went through yoga teacher training and considers it a safe haven for weathering tough times. This is a tale of self-compassion and grace as Jenny took a 6 week break from yoga after a bout of back pain coupled with a minor surgery. It is the longest she has ever gone without practicing and she thought that sharing this experience might resonate with others as we all journey on our PATH. You can check out the studio at

Pop Up Topics with Anna - Reducing Food Waste

Dec 6, 2019

Join Jenny and Toni for Anna Bohbot's debut on PATH! Anna will be a regular contributor on the podcast in 2020, giving her take on a myriad topics, the first one being food waste. Anna is super-passionate about sustainable and just food systems and increasing access to fresh, local and seasonal food - right up our alley at PATH! This episode is a great primer for anyone interested in the subject of food waste and steps one can take to be part of the solution. You might be surprised at how little it takes to make a major impact. For more information or to check out the Food Recovery Hierarchy mentioned during our conversation, check out: For a discount on delicious products made to help reduce food waste, Pulp Pantry is offering PATHPod listeners 15% off using the following link: Anna's books are listed here on our website.

Road Trip... Destination, Santa Rosa! - Community

Dec 16, 2019

Toni chats with Melanie Larsen about her experience presenting at Women's Night Out in Santa Rosa, California. Women's Night Out is a collaboration between Kaiser Permanente and The YMCA and has been thriving for over a decade. During the debrief between Toni and Melanie, they discuss how connection, community and collaboration are what bring these women together year after year to eat, talk and share. Through their conversation, they determine that it is the power of STORY that allows for "making things happen". Just as Toni uses story in this podcast, her presentation was a story about mindfulness and letting go to let things open up and just be. Toni shares how you, our listeners can bring a "Women's Night Out" to your part of the world to share, make connection and create community all in the name of health and well-being. For more inspiration and information go to

A Christmas Gift - Destination: NYC & A Beautiful St...

Dec 25, 2019

Toni travels to NYC for her much needed Broadway fix and spends some time with a dear friend, Martin Navarrette. Martin shares a lovely tale about finding the right balance for his health and well-being and how connection, community, creativity and collaboration helped him forge this new PATH. We think this is the best gift we could give to our listeners today. The gift of finding your power - how one person decided it was time for a change, connected with others and is now thriving in one of the biggest cities in the world. And, he did it on his own terms. Martin talks about his community - the Lightning Society, you can follow them on Insta or at He talks about Urbanzen and how this organization is helping others heal all over the world. Check out their work at He also mentions The Big Quiet, a massive meditation movement: and how this is part of the Medi Club in NYC - found here: @mediclubmediclub. These are alternative therapies that are more mainstream than you first might think and are a fascinating illustration of how many are taking this PATH and discovering their Positive Approach To Health. Ride along with us on this journey to NYC!

Happy New Year! Destination: Denver CO For A ...

Jan 1, 2020

Toni and Jenny learn all about Functional Mental Toughness (fMT) during their conversation with Dr. Brad Cooper. Brad explains what lead him to this research and how his own findings helped his performance as an endurance athlete, a researcher and a business leader. Brad sheds a lot of light on how anyone can build fMT - it is a skill that can be practiced and  harnessed when needed. This is an episode that is sure to inspire as we start not only a new year, but a new decade - 2020, with a new VISION to guide us on our PATHs. Ride along with us! For more information on the work Brad is doing, along with tools and resources, check out his websites: and

Our 2nd Book Browse - 1/2 The Sugar All The Love!

Jan 8, 2020

To celebrate the start of the new year, we are browsing another book! This time it is a brand new cookbook, hot off the press! Half The Sugar, All the Love is a collaboration between Jennifer Tyler Lee and Anisha Patel, MD that launched this month and is already the #1 seller in cooking with kids! Toni and Jenny sat down with Jennifer, who is an award winning author to talk about her new book. They discussed cutting down on sugar (not ELIMINATING it!), how to sweeten foods with plants and modeling healthy behaviors for our kids. It was a fun conversation that went by quick! This is a great resource full of delicious recipes to help you and your family cut down on sugar. And it's not just desserts - you will find recipes for every meal of the day with helpful strategies, tips and tricks! You can find a copy at your local bookstore or online. For more information about the book or to check out Jennifer's work:

Road Trip... Destination, Australia! - Meditation 

Jan 18, 2020

We go down under (not really, our expert was in Toni's office in San Jose!) on this virtual road trip to learn more about meditation. We spoke with meditation teacher Tami Roos and learned so much! If any of you are wondering about meditation and what the benefits are as well as how to start your own practice, this episode is for you!! There is a ton of research in this area and Tami breaks it down beautifully. She even leads a short, simple and effective guided meditation that you can use to start a daily practice. She also gives great ideas for how to deepen your current practice if you are that far in. She was an absolute delight to talk to and we know you will enjoy listening to this uplifting and hopeful conversation! You can check out all of Tami's work at, including her books, blog posts and meditations.

Road Trip... Destination, Your Heart! Learning Why...

Jan 28, 2020

In this episode, Toni and Jenny take a profound and meaningful journey into the heart-space to learn why it is so important to forgive. They had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Fred Luskin, founder and director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects. Dr. Luskin explains some of the challenges forgiveness presents and why many people find it so incredibly difficult. He also lays out a simple, 4-step plan for initiating the practice of forgiveness. It is a powerful tool that all of us should have at our disposal - not only for our emotional health but for our physical health as well. To read more about the life-altering work Dr. Luskin has engaged in with people all over the world, along with his books and audio content, check out

A Minnie Episode!

Feb 6, 2020

In a nod to her Dear mother, Minnie Toledo, Toni created this Minnie Episode... Toni and her sweet mom head to Port Townsend in the lovely state of Washington. They visited with Minnie’s family and Toni finds herself thinking about the PATH community and how much her current trip overlaps with the many trips we have taken over the past year. She tells the story of her Auntie Lorrie, who was the catalyst, in a way, for the PATH Pod with the meatless meatloaf she created in the 1960’s and her daughters Lisa and Linda. As Toni shares the story of the time with her family, she weaves in music from Bring It On: The Musical (2012) and shares how some of the song titles coincide with the stories of her relative’s lives. These are tales of incredibly strong, independent women who have been role models for Toni her entire life. The fact that Toni was able to take this trip with her mom Minnie, her greatest role model of all time, was the cherry on Top! Follow along on this Minnie PATH and you just might conjure up in your own mind those role models in your life who inspire and push you to be your best self.

Happy Anniversary... What A Trip It Has Been!

Feb 15, 2020

Toni and Jenny celebrate their first year of the PATH Pod by taking a trip down memory lane in their “Road Trip Recap”. They raised a toast to the many places they have traveled across the nation and the fantastic guests they were able to chat with along the way. If you have not been able to listen the PATH Pod in its entirety, this is a great cheater episode, where you can hear a little bit about each one, create your list and make a plan to start listening to the episodes that resonate with you! Toni and Jenny also talk about what they expected from this project and a little bit about where they will go from here. They unpack the various side adventures they took while on the road – their Series: Behavior Change Basics, Kitchen Surprise, Tales From and of course, the music. Lots and lots of music! And Broadway! So, ride along with us and join in celebration of the year on this inspiring journey we have taken with you, our PATH Pod listeners… We could not have made this trip without you!

BCB Series 5 - Challenging Assumptions

Mar 1, 2020

Toni and Jenny tackle Challenging Assumptions in this new BCB episode. It is one of the biggest roadblocks between what we want to achieve and our actual success. It drives our self-talk and shapes our beliefs. But, most of us are not aware enough to stop and question ourselves. This is an eye-opening conversation for sure! Toni and Jenny even share some personal assumptions that they have made and how challenging those assumptions have created a completely different and more positive outcome for them both. This is the first time that Toni and Jenny request audience participation by asking listeners to send their own assumptions that they have either challenged or plan to challenge and they will feature these in a part two episode! DM us on Insta @thepathpod or send us an email. We would love to hear from you!

Road Trip... Destination, Campbell, CA! Connecting...

Mar 15, 2020

We took a “road trip” a couple blocks over from Toni’s home in Campbell, CA to visit Steve Smith, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Steve owns The Enlightened Mind, a mental health therapy practice. This episode is super-timely as our nation is hunkering down in their homes to help limit the spread of Covid-19. One of Steve’s areas of expertise is resolving stress, anxiety &/or depression and listening to what he has to say could help many of us during this trying time. The overall theme of our time together was of course… connection. Steve explains beautifully that what lies at the heart of why we don’t feel connected to others is that we are not connected to ourselves. Steve gives us tools that we can easily use and store in our wellness toolboxes to bring out again and again. He also introduces us to a card deck that he and his wife created to help families connect with each other more deeply, a helpful game as we are stuck inside with our family’s and although we are in close proximity, we may feel even more disconnected than ever. You can understand more about Steve’s work and order a deck of cards for you and your family on his website,

Rebirth Of Love, An interview with Tom Francois

Mar 22, 2020

We are in unprecedented times, no doubt. We are scared, anxious and isolated. But, many of us are finding creative ways to be connected and see the good. Toni does just that in this interview with her father’s long-time friend, Tom Francois. Tom gives us a large and much-needed dose of inspiration in this beautiful and touching interview. Tom has seen a whole host of challenges in his lifetime and shares how he has improvised, adapted and overcome. He gives us strategies for how to do the same in this period of complete unknown. We promise you will listen to this episode more than once! If you would like to learn more about Tom and his encouraging story check out: this article, this article, or

Positive Approaches To Shelter In Place (SIP)

Mar 29, 2020

Toni and Jenny decide to hit the record button while talking through their struggles and revelations as they complete week 1 of Shelter In Place (SIP). They recognize the challenges that we all must be facing along with tools that could be quite helpful during this scary and difficult time. Toni shares her struggles with taking a few too many trips to the kitchen for “inspiration” as Jenny laments the unique hardship of getting multiple families from divorce on the same page. As always, Toni and Jenny discuss the importance of recognizing what you need and having the courage and grace during this time to give yourself what you deserve. In addition, they both emphasize how being present and having a practice which allows for being in the here and now can change perspective and get us through another day as we head into the unknown.

BCB Series 6 - Completing the Stress Cycle while we SIP

April 22, 2020

Registered Dietitian and Public Health Professional Elizabeth Aong joins Toni and Jenny to continue the Shelter In Place (SIP) series. As the weeks now turn into months, we are all really feeling the ramifications of isolation. Elizabeth offers guidance on how to tackle the resulting stress and anxiety based on work from Emily Nagoski in Burnout and Kelly McGonigal in The Upside of Stress. Elizabeth explains how completing the stress cycle and “clearing out” the stress hormones that build up in the body as a result of prolonged strain can help us feel better, emotionally, mentally and physically. This is a great listen for ALL OF US as we continue to navigate our new pandemic world. You probably have some extra time so hop on board and ride along with us on PATH!

Road Trip... Destination, Arizona! Hiking The PATH

April 23, 2020

Hannah Heredia joins The PATH Pod and chats with Toni about the benefits of getting out in nature. Hannah shares how hiking brings her incredible joy along with being a positive vehicle for working through challenges. She explains that completing a tough hike helps to inspire and build intrinsic confidence and motivation to tackle other difficulties. As a fellow registered dietitian, Hannah and Toni talk through the value of taking supportive foods along when hiking and you may be surprised by some of the suggestions! Hannah runs an inspiring Instagram account called HikesandHealth. Follow her and take in the amazing scenery of the Southwest along with the delicious food she noshes on along the way. You can also check out her meal and hiking plans at

Road Trip... Destination Detroit, MI! ACT - Tools To Heal

May 6, 2020

On this road trip, Toni has the heavy lift of traveling across the county while Jenny takes a short jump north as they head to Detroit, Michigan to talk with registered dietitian-nutritionist Julie Feldman about trauma and its impact on nutrition. Julie breaks down trauma to allow for a better understanding of what it entails. She also speaks to the impact of our current collective trauma and how that might be showing up differently in everyone. Julie walks Toni and Jenny through valuable tools & strategies to mitigate fear, pain and anxiety and introduces them to values driven nutrition and how it can help us all live more in the gray, moving away from all or nothing thinking about our food. As always, the episode includes laughter and music as our road trip continues. So, ride along with us on our PATH!

Helpful links and associated info from the episode: Julie Feldman’s website:

ACE’s study mentioned in the episode:

Road Trip... Destination SanDiego, CA - What Is Essen...

May 17, 2020

Toni & Jenny head down to Southern California in this Episode of PATH for a conversation with Toni’s childhood friend and comedian Joe Sib. Their chat is not necessarily what you would expect from a comedian… it’s not all jokes and laughs, but a heartfelt back and forth filled with rich, detailed storytelling and a great message about using the time and space we have been given to do something different. Joe leads Toni and Jenny through some incredible stories about how he grew up and the people who shaped him, showing his sense of gratitude for who he is today. He talks about the importance of community and connection – something that we at PATH give a nod to in almost every episode. There are some rough audio spots throughout as recording challenges came up during the interview but a few small blips cannot overshadow the message Joe shares about what he has taken away from his time during Shelter In Place; what is and is not essential to him. We think it will make you question what is essential for you, in your own life too. To learn more about Joe Sib or to check out his work: On Instagram @joe_sib or through his website at

Road Trip... Destination L.A - Social Entrepreneurship...

Mar 29, 2020

In this episode, Toni and Jenny take another trip to Southern California. This time they head to LA to learn about upcycling of food waste with social entrepreneur Kaitlin Mogentale, founder of Pulp Pantry, a social enterprise that sells food products made from recycled fruit and vegetable pulp. The conversation started with understanding more about Kaitlin and why she chose this PATH and opened up to a greater conversation about food waste and what each of us can do on an individual level and in our communities to collectively make a difference. They also touched on how our current crisis is creating challenge as well as opportunity and the importance of being able to adapt and overcome… which has become quite the theme here at PATH! Toni and Jenny guarantee that after listening to the conversation with this young go-getter, you will have HOPE in our collective future!

For more information on Pulp Pantry, to order their yummy chips, or to learn more about Kaitlin and social entrepreneurship, head to

Tales from The Trail 3 - Balance and "Space"

Jun 7, 2020

This little episode really packs a punch, giving us tons to contemplate as we continue to navigate the COVID pandemic. It’s Toni’s third Tale from the Trail and her first in this extremely odd and surprising year of 2020! Toni has a thoughtful conversation with her friend Shelby Edwards, who she met on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. They both talk about what their beloved trail has meant to each of them and how they have been affected by not being able to use it right now. This lovely chat includes talk about gratitude & grace, relationships, the importance of impromptu conversation and being your real self; all of which have come to fruition thanks to The Trail. These two also touch on how they will surely appreciate it in a whole new way when they are able to return. It is a “space” that has created and nurtured friendships like Toni and Shelby’s and will certainly push anyone who listens to realize the importance of a “space” as part of their PATH. And as always, music, laughter and even some great book recommendations will be found in this episode of PATH Positive Approaches To Health. Ride along with us!

Our First Listener Challenge: Not Just The Way Things...

Jun 25, 2020

Toni does a special solo episode with the help and support of the entire PATHPod Community - our first-ever listener challenge! Toni dives into listener responses to the question posed on social media… What is your Positive Approach To Health (PATH) during this time of COVID? The responses were incredible and overwhelming! Our community is engaging in so many positive behaviors – from starting gardens to hiking to nightly pot brownies. Hearing the ways in which our listeners are taking care of themselves and putting their health and well-being at the forefront is not only inspiring but motivating as well. So, as you take a listen to this fun little episode, be ready to glean some new ideas for your own self-care! To learn more about some of the great suggestions that came out of the episode:

The Fitness Marshall:

The Bellicon Rebounder:

Tami Roos:

The Music:

Road Trip... Destination Denver, CO - Breaking down ...

July 7, 2020

Toni and Jenny head to Denver, CO and take a side trip to the Mediterranean on today’s episode… Whaaaaaat??? Seriously, we talk all things Mediterranean diet and plant-based nutrition with Cole Adam, Registered Dietitian and the brains behind the Instagram account eat.wild.greens. Cole talks Toni and Jenny through the fascinating history of the research behind the Mediterranean diet and what that means in terms of evidence-based recommendations for today. Cole also has a cookbook he co-authored titled The Whole Health Cookbook and he describes some of his favorite recipes from the book while breaking down the research behind them into understandable and delicious-sounding bites. Lots of yumminess and sound nutrition advice in this episode, so ride along with us on our PATH!

Episode Info:

The Whole Health Cookbook

Cole Adam’s Website 

Mediterranean diet information:

Road Trip... Destination Minneapolis, MN - Being Brave...

July 17, 2020

Toni and Jenny continue their road trip and head to Minneapolis, Minnesota to talk with eating disorder therapist Lee Wolfe Blum. Lee is the author of Brave Is the New Beautiful, her most recent book and the conversation unpacks many of the challenging and surprising emotions that came to the surface as Toni and Jenny worked through this lovely read. Lee explains the genesis of Brave and how it took finding and continuing to explore her own bravery to write this story of other women’s courage. The three of them mull over the amount of fortitude our current situation is requiring of all of us and how sometimes it can leave us feeling less than resolute but they also provide strategies, tools and insight to help see us through. This episode will definitely lead you stop and think, which is exactly what Toni and Jenny are calling on their listeners to do – send feedback on how this landed for you! You can DM the PATHpod on Insta with your thoughts and they will share with the larger PATH community and of course with Lee!!!

Learn more about Lee Wolfe Blum, her work and her books; Table In The Darkness and Brave Is The New Beautiful at

Welcome Annina!

July 26, 2020

We cover a lot of ground in this fun little episode… Toni and Jenny introduce their most recent intern, Annina Bradley and have a conversation with her about what she is up to with her fantastic Instagram account, Nutrition Branched! They introduce PATH’s updated website that Annina has been working on, including new resources and episode links. They even throw in a kitchen surprise as gardens are finally yielding their bounty and there is some conversation around what to do with all that goodness. Take a listen and ride along with us on the PATH Pod!

The Nutrition Branched Instagram: nutrition_branched